Cheap Rolex Watches brands try to keep MSRP about the same all over the world, and Rolex authorized dealers won't dramatically undercut this price for a stranger. So it's safe to assume that prices in most countries will be roughly similar. But watches are only re-priced once or twice per year and this can work in your favor if your currency strengthens against the local currency. I had this experience in January 2015 since the dollar gained so much strength against the Euro since the watches were priced. It was about 20% better than back home! The other factors are tax and import duties. On the subject of taxes, it's a given that you can save a lot of money buying tax free. And most visitors are exempt from local taxes or can apply for a partial or full refund. Or you can simply buy in a place that doesn't have sales tax or VAT!

But you should still declare the watch and pay import duties on it. My experience here has been quite positive: Rather than risk it, I declared a large watch purchase yet customs just waved me through and said I didn't have to pay! Your mileage may vary, but I do not recommend "smuggling" a foreign watch purchase into the USA without declaring it. Still, the duty is quite reasonable and with currency and tax benefits you can easily come out ahead. Note that most US residents can avoid local taxes by buying out of state and taking delivery by mail. This has the benefit of less risk, no duty requirement, and the chance to build a relationship with an AD in the USA who will offer better prices in the future. Some states might still require tax to be paid, though. To answer your question: You will currently save about 5% buying Cheap Rolex Watches in HongKong instead of the USA, plus tax. But it's likely you could get a better deal working with an out of state AD here in the USA.

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Rolex Watches: Should You Buy One?

A Rolex watch. It's the 800-pound gorilla in the room for any man thinking about buying a watch. Around one million watches a year come out of Switzerland with the Rolex crown on the dial and, not for nothing, it's the most recognized luxury mechanical watch in the world. Pick anyone at random and ask them to name a watch company; the odds are fantastic that it'll be Rolex.

Rolex is often the first nice watch a guy considers, but until pretty recently a lot of serious watch enthusiasts would do everything they could to talk someone out of buying one (and in a manner usually only used to talk a jumper off a ledge). Over the last few years, however, things have changed dramatically. In a pretty short time, Rolex has gone from being the brand watch lovers loved to hate to being one of the most collectible and often-worn watch brands in the world. And this comes from the very same group of watch nuts that used to dismiss it as a brand for naive new money only. Read More...

Why would anyone buy a Rolex watch?

Or for that matter any such high end watches? It's just a watch that shows time. And there is no difference in the feel of wearing a Timex vs a Rolex except for socially perceived value of your status. But I don't think there are so many people in this world who buy it only for social perception. There must be other reasons. do you know how to buy cheap Rolex watches?

  • Rolex is a well-known and trusted brand of luxury watch.
  • Luxury watches are jewelry for men.
  • People wear luxury watches to feel good about themselves.
  • People wear luxury watches to show other people that they are successful.
  • People wear luxury goods as a subconscious signal to potential mates that they are a good partner.
  • People find them aesthetically pleasing.
  • People appreciate the artistry that goes into them.
  • In a desperate situation, a Rolex can be used as collateral or even ransom since its value is well-known.
  •

    Rolex watchs

    It's a reasonable question, given that a quartz Timex will actually keep better time than the Rolex will. And even if you prefer a mechanical watch because you don't need to put batteries in it and you can geek out on the craftsmanship of it, you can get a nice automatic mechanical watch for under $200. If all you want a watch for is to tell the time, there's no reason to spend thousands of dollars on it. But you could ask the same question about jewelry, right? Very few people can actually tell the difference between an expensive diamond and a cheap cubic zirconia, but people still like the knowledge that they have a diamond and spend thousands of dollars on them. It makes them feel good about themselves.

    And luxury watches are essentially functional jewelry. People buy expensive watches first and foremost because they make them feel good. They find one that is their style, that makes them smile when they put it on, that makes them feel like the person they want to be, whether that's James Bond, or Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross, or a race car driver or astronaut or just their idea of a successful person. And I think the "social perception" component is secondary to that. At the extreme level I think some people exhibit a sort of fetishism for high-end watches (and cars and handbags and other luxury objects). They become so obsessed with the object that they fall in love with it and will pay whatever they can to obtain it. There is another interesting angle, when people buy fake luxury watches. So they have a watch that looks a lot like a Rolex, but only cost $50 or so. In that case I might think the buyer's motivation is to impress other people, but they might just like the design of the watch and want to wear it without paying the premium. And quartz replicas of Cheap Rolex Watches might actually keep better time. Read More...

    If you've ever wondered why a Rolex was so expensive you may want to Cheap Rolex Watches this demonstration of a Rolex Submariner being disassembled, showing the intricacies involved in the time piece in exquisite detail

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